++Duchère Area, Lyon (69)Duchère Area, Lyon (69)

The program of demolition of 1 500 dwellings - among 5 500

has generated a new urban schedule : multiplication of connections, composition of the housings with opened shape, and large public spaces linked to the Vallon park. The panoramic tower designed by F.R. Cottin and classified as Patrimony of the 20th century is highlighted at the centre of the urban design. The masterplan is ecoresponsible : global repartition of volumes according to exposure to sun, management of water, bio-diversity salvation.

Project owner : urban department of the community of Grand LYON.
Planner : urban service of the semipublic company SERL.
With: Alain Marguerit landscape designer,  Pascal Gontier Architecte  eco-conception.
Global predicted budget : 500 M€.

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